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Last Updated: Sunday, November 15, 1997
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Midwest Composites is a Sales Agency and distributor of composite materials. We carry Vulcanized Fibre, Phenolics, Prepregs, Molded Polyester Fiberglass, Asbestos Laminates, Graphite, Kevlar® and other engineered materials. These materials are available in a variety of forms including sheet, rod and tube. We also can provide custom finished parts to your specifications. We represent several manufacturers and are continuously looking for new product lines and applications. We also provide free consultation and engineering assistance on the best material for your application.

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Vulcanized Fibre

Product lines

We can ship G-10 sheet laminate within 1-2 days if in stock. Call or fax us with your request.

New materials, products and applications:

Please send e-mail to: allen@clearlight.com if you would like more information.
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