Vulcanized Fibre

Last Updated: May 31, 1996

Vulcanized Fibre Parts Vulcanized Fibre is a material made by combining layers of chemically gelled cellulosic paper. The chemical compound used in gelling the paper is subsequently removed by leaching. The resulting product, after being dried and finished by calendering , is a dense material of partially regenerated cellulose in which the fibrous structure is retained in varying degrees depending upon the grade of fibre. Vulcanized fibre can be produced in sheet, rod and tube form. Electrical insulation grades have excellent mechanical, electrical and physical properties. The three electrical grades of fibre are as follows:

Bone Grade

Bone grade is characterized by the greater hardness and stiffness associated with higher density. It machines more smoothly and with less tendency to separate the plies in difficult machining operations than the other grades. Bone grade is recommended where difficult and extreme machining operations are a requirement. Ideal for noiseless gears, cams, cutting blocks, thrust washers and railroad joint insulation. It is available in gray color from .030" to .093 thick.
Meets NEMA grade: Bone

Commercial Grade

Commercial grade is considered as the general-purpose grade and is sometimes referred to as a mechanical and electrical grade. It possesses good physical and electrical properties and can be fabricated satisfactorily by punching, turning, and forming operations. Typical applications include washers, insulating plates, arc barriers, switch and appliance insulation, and formed parts. It is available in gray, black or red from .005" to 2.00" thick.
Meets NEMA grade: Commercial.

Peerless Grade

Peerless grade, also called "fishpaper", is intended primarily for electrical applications and others involving difficult bending or forming operations. It combines the highest possible dielectric, tensile and bending strength with flexibility. Strong, smooth, and excellent punching and forming qualities. Typical applications include armature slot insulation, liners, washers, coil insulation, arc shields, formed specialties and gasket stock. It is available in gray from .004" to .030".
Meets NEMA grade: Electrical insulation.
Applications for Vulcanized Fibre
Typical Electrical Applications Include:
  • End Laminations
  • Fuse Cases
  • Arc Barriers
  • Switch Insulation
  • Armature Slot Insulation
  • Coil Insulation
  • Arc Shields
  • Insulators
  • Transformer Insulation
Non-Electrical Applications Include:
  • Abrasive Sanding Discs
  • Textile Bobbin
  • Tape Backer
  • Dry Cleaning & Poultry Tags
  • Gaskets
  • Gears
  • Trunks & Cases
  • Containers
  • Thrust Washers
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